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An Invitation to Abundant Life
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Creepypasta is a scary story website, that has some genuinely good stories. I remember my first time coming across this website in high school. I got genuinely creeped out and vowed to never go back, but that didn’t work out. Over the years it has been up urban legends have been born. Here are a few of the most popular ones. 
Slenderman: An alleged being who is about 8 ft. tall, with no face. He has black tentacles protruding rom his back and has extremely long and slender arms and legs. There has been online computer games about this dude as well as a brilliant series on YouTube called MarbleHornets that rotate around this being. 
The Rake: A genuinely terrifying creature whose presence is accompanied by loud growl, whispering noises and heavy breathing. The urban legend is a series of stories of people’s encounters with this creature. EvenManHybrid on youtube has made a series of videos revolving around this creature. 
Ben Drowned: I’m not too familiar with this story but it revolves a Majora’s Mask cartridge that is haunted by a ghost named Ben. Give it a read. 
Jeff the Killer: In all honest this is not a scary or even a good creepy story at all. For some reason this legend became pretty popular, probably because of the picture associated with the story. Creepypasta Wiki has actually deleted the story from their page because of how poorly written it was. 
Smile Dog: A good creepy urban legend about a haunted image that drives it’s viewers to insanity. All of the victims claim they have been visited by a dog like creature called “smile dog”
Squidward’s Suicide: A creepy story writeen by an intern that worked at Nickelodeon. This is a “lost episode” that feature horrific imagery revolving around the death of Squidward. It’s downright depressing.
Lavender Town Syndrome: A creepy story that is about a peak in children’s suicide rates between the ages of 7 and 12 shortly after the release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan. 
Mr.Widemouth: A popular urban legend about a girl who makes a friend in a forest. She should of listened to her parents when they said, “don’t talk to strangers.”
Suicidemouse.avi: An urban legend based of off an old, unseen Mickey Mouse episode. 
Eyeless Jack: Another story about a boy who receives visits at night from an unfriendly creature
Be sure to check out my masterpost of everything creepy for more lists like these. 
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The Eyes Have It is a tear-jerker story you might have seen passed around the internet. Although it’s not true, it tugs on the heart-strings of many. Here we go:

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hauntergrave asked:
I love all your masterposts of creepy movies. What are your personal favorite movies? Horror or not?


Thank you :) I have a bunch, here we go. Please search up the following movies for triggers before watching. 

The Lovely Bones (Watch Here)Really enjoyed this movie for it’s concept of life after death. I could watch it again and again. It’s about a girl who get’s her life taken away at an early age. She watches her family fall apart and then fall back together. Most importantly, her murderer gets the karma he deserves. 


The Orphanage (Watch Here): This had some horror elements but the ending just made me so sad. Literally I still have a giant wound in my heart because of it. It’s a black, empty feeling you get. It was unexpected and this movie is phenomenal. 


The 4th Kind (Watch Here): For some reason this movie really unnerved me. The way it’s set, the plot, it’s just… a tad bit scary. I was too afraid to look outside my window because I thought I’d see a smiling white owl, oh jesus. 


The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Watch Here): Another one that broke me into literal pieces. Once again, the plot twist, the ending, the message all remarkable. I think I was depressed for a full week after this. 


Legally Blonde (Watch Here): I watch this movie when I’m feeling down and unmotivated to get me back. I love Elle Woods and what she stands for. I love what she does, and how happy and cheerful she is despite people around her trying to bring her down. I love how she doesn’t hurt/mistreat others when they insult her day after day. Instead she works on bettering herself. And she works really hard. Love, love, love. 


Peter Pan 2003 (Watch Here): This movie is just a personal favorite of mine. It reminds me of childhood and how I used to obsess over Peter Pan & fairies when I was young. I really, really wanted them to be real. I really wanted to have an adventure. My entire play time revolved around this and this only. 


The Uninvited (Watch Here): One of the first psychological thrillers I watched. I really liked it. I’m also in love with Emily Browning and her style. I liked the plot twist and the macabre concepts. 


A Walk to Remember (Watch Here): I don’t like romantic movies. I’m not a huge fan of them. Most are pretty cliche & relatively boring to me, but this one strikes me in the heart. I love the soundtracks and I love the plot. 

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